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The goal of this design is to change how young girls and boys are sub-consciously guided into what they can or can not do because of their gender. The solution would include a series of animations that would show the process of what an ideal world would be if there were no rules. Imagine if we had no color codes – blue for boys, pink for girls! Imagine if boys and girls would be allowed to choose their own games to play with. Imagine if decisions right from birth were left for these children to decide, how would the world look?

The animation would begin portraying a pregnant couple who does not paint their child’s room a particular color. The child would be given choices and supported in those choices. It would encourage those parents to build the child’s self-esteem and empower that child to accept themselves as they are. The child would be taught not to judge a person based on their appearance, but on their abilities. By being confident in who he/she is this child will be able to stand up to others who impose their views on them. When this child grows up he/she will feel self-assured and will perpetuate these ideas to their children.

This animation would be developed as part of an interactive website where people can make choices and view the narrative as part of the experience.