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How many times do women have negative thoughts about themselves, doubt themselves, do not speak up, undersell themselves, or fail to acknowledge their achievements during the course of the day? This product would attempt to change that.

A woman could set personal goals each day/week such as does she want to try and speak up more frequently, does she want to take risks, stand up for herself, etc. By setting these goals a woman is keeping them on the forefront of her mind, and if she succeeds she tracks the success with the click of a button, reinforcing the behavior.

The tracking button would be like a worry stone in shape and functionality. If a woman is feeling anxious and begins fiddling with the button it serves as a reminder that she is a strong, powerful woman. Women would have the ability to create networks of other women/friends with the device. They could then share their successes and provide support and encouragement.

If a woman within the network presses the device’s button it alerts the other women in the group of the success (this could be via a phone vibration or notification). This feature would serve as a reminder to the other women in the group to be strong and confident.

The device would be building on the successes of products like fitness trackers. These trackers encourage positive behavior and attempt to change habits in regard to physical health. This device would be similar and use comparable methods except it would be promoting emotional and mental health.